Our feedback loop

Anam Mazhar
Product Manager
December 17, 2020

Dear advisors, we want to hear from you: the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Feedback is a key component of product development, and we believe connecting with our users is critical to evolving our platform, increasing user satisfaction, and providing a world-class experience. We need to continue engaging with our advisors to know and understand their needs and wants deeply.

Engaging with advisors allows us to know when we are on or off track, leading to focus and motivation in building the right products for our users. The overall goal of engagement and feedback is to drive our decision making around the product and make well-informed decisions to enhance the experience.

So here we are!

In this article, I will talk about the 4 stages of our feedback process that we have implemented here at Purpose Advisor Solutions.

  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Act
  • Notify


First, let’s talk about how we’re getting your feedback.

We have already been tracking feedback through:

  • Emails to the Advisor Success team. You might have already noticed some items on the roadmap based on the feedback you’ve shared. For example, one common piece of feedback we are currently implementing is CC’ing advisors when a DocuSign package is sent.
  • Phone calls
  • Interviews with advisors
  • Early Adopter Program

Now, we’re adding a direct connection where you can provide candid feedback. You can reach out to us directly here and mention the product name: onboarding, funding, investor tools. We’ve also included details below on how to give structured feedback.


This is the fun part for us — we love reading through all of your notes. This is where we sort through the feedback, see what aligns with our product vision, and go through prioritization exercises to get these requests on the roadmap.

For this to be effective, we encourage you to follow these best practices:

  • Be clear on the task you are trying to accomplish or the problem you are trying to solve
  • Be as specific and descriptive to help us understand the issue/request
  • Talk about the impact on you and your business, so we know where you are coming from
  • Be frequent, so we know you care
  • Use the right channel to make sure we can get back to you on time

Here are some templates and examples of good, usable feedback:

If it is a bug, we want to replicate the issue so tell us everything:

  • Right channel: An email or phone call to the Advisor Success team
  • What were you trying to accomplish
  • What were the steps you took

    What I was trying to accomplish: I was trying to log in, but I forgot my password
    Steps I took: I clicked on the forgot password link, but nothing happened

If it is an enhancement request:

  • Right channel: Email to product, interviews
  • What is the task you want to complete
  • How does it work today
  • How should it work

    Task: I want to have the option of not sending my non-techy clients DocuSign packages
    How it works today: All funding requests are automated to go through DocuSign
    How it should work: I should have the option of either sending the client a DocuSign package or not

If it is a new feature request:

  • Right channel: Email to product, interviews
  • Feature
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve
  • And why this solution

    Feature: I want my client to add their own bank account
    Problem: I have to click add bank account, attach a void cheque, get a signature from the client, which takes up a lot of time
    Why this solution: I do not want to ask for this information from my client and have them sign documents

If it is something general

  • Right channel: Email to product, interviews, advisor success team
  • What is it that you like
  • What is it that you don’t like

    What I like: I like that I can initiate client onboarding with minimum client information with Advisor Center
    What I don’t like: I don’t like the lack of transparency of what actually happens once I launch onboarding


Having this communication channel is very important to us, but it also means that we get many requests from our advisors. We try our best to fulfill all of them, but building world-class products take time — we will try to accommodate requests as we go through our prioritization and solutions building exercises.

Here are certain things that will impact our decision making:

  1. Consistency in feedback
    We will analyze these feedback trends over time. If we receive the same feedback over time, we know there is a bigger underlying problem that we need to address.
  2. High volumes of advisors reporting the same problem/requests
    The issues with the highest number of users impacted will be prioritized over specific use cases, as long as it is still in line with our product vision. Our goal is to maximize the community's net benefit; hence, we will spend time analyzing the problems rather than building the feature requested.
  3. Prioritizing must-haves over nice to have features
    A "must-have" is anything critical to running your day-to-day business, whereas a "nice to have" is something that could enhance your business offering and make your life easier.

Notify — keep following us here

This is a two-way relationship, and we want to keep you informed on what’s coming up. Public product development roadmaps are a valuable part of the feedback loop process.

Our roadmap will reflect your feedback, and the cycle continues. Thank you for continuing to be a part of it.