Investor tools

Raveena Kokal
Product Manager
December 7, 2020

If you’ve read our other articles, you’ll know that we are on a mission to be the marketplace for advisors where they can choose and access the tools that empower their relationships with their clients.

Our team spent time gathering feedback and understanding how advisors and investors want to interact with their wealth management platforms. We quickly realized that the best solution would be to build an investor-facing portal in-house, equipped with all the tools needed for a seamless, intuitive experience. As an investor, I may look for the below in my portal:

  • A clean, simple view into my financial position
  • One place to go to access my information and documents
  • Valuable insights into my goals and planning, such as how my recent withdrawal has impacted my overall plan
  • The ability to easily communicate with my financial advisor
  • Setting up transactions on my own without involving my advisor — but letting them know what I am doing so they can reach out to me to discuss the implications
  • Authorizing changes and confirming new transactions that my advisor has set-up
  • Access to educational materials around investments

So, we’re on a mission to build our very own Investor Portal. It’s no simple feat — but we’re excited for what’s to come, and we think you will be too.

What are our near-term goals?

Stable, integrative Investor Portal
Our first goal is to build a solid, clean foundation and dashboard for the Investor Portal that is custodian-agnostic and easily integrated with other aspects of our current product, such as onboarding and funding. We want to enable investors to seamlessly login to their portals to check their investments and self-serve in a simple way.

Intuitive document management
We will be building a centralized, intuitive, and organized document management system that enables collaboration through file-sharing between all parties.

Investor Tools roadmap (in development)

This section covers priorities that are currently in development and are not likely to change or be de-prioritized. The estimated timeframe for the below items is 3-6 months.

Delivery of statements to investors

  • This includes: monthly custodial statements, tax documents, annual CRM2 statements, and account agreements

Investor Portal foundational build

  • This is an in-house solution that will eventually serve as a one-stop shop for investors to access their investments, account activities, funding requests, statements, and more
  • We’ve started the development work on the foundation of this portal

Investor Portal accessible login experience

  • While we build the foundation of the Investor Portal, we’ll simultaneously be working on a login functionality for Investors that is accessible. This means supported by all browser types, language preferences (English or French), and we are currently exploring which methods will be available for login (mobile phone, email, etc.)

Investor tools roadmap (future)

This section covers items that are subject to change but reflect our current prioritization within Investor Tools. The estimated timeframe for the below items is 6-12 months and beyond.

Investor Portal document management

  • We are working towards building out a robust, centralized, and intuitive document management system with various functionalities, including: downloading, uploading, archiving, customizable naming, categorizing, and more

Investor Portal dashboard and insights

  • Once a solid foundation is built for our Investor Portal, the dashboard insights will be a fast follow. We want to to surface accounts, investments, performance, and insights around account activities here.
  • We are also looking to include clear information about the investor’s advisor, advisor organization, and contact details on this page — including a branded experience using your colours and logo

Goals-based tracking with a financial planning software partner, integrated into our ecosystem

  • We want to give investors and advisors the option to access robust financial planning software directly in our platform so that they can track their goals in one place

Sharing our experience vision

Fair warning: these are broad-strokes. Consider these prototypes a creative sample of the initial investor experience we are envisioning.

An investor receives their invitation
Investor dashboard view

Have any feedback for us? We’d be happy to hear it. Send us a note.