Join our early adopter program

Paige Moult
Product Manager
December 12, 2020

Our early adopter program is an opportunity for select advisors to gain exclusive, early access to some of our new features and product updates first.  

Why join?

  • Early access to features and product updates
  • An opportunity to help shape the platform
  • Hands-on training

What’s expected of me?

  • Feedback. You want to be part of this program to provide feedback and work directly with our product team.  
  • Patience. Beta testing is part of this process — and the objective of beta testing is to roll out a feature to live users to uncover bugs and usability issues.
  • Confidentiality. You will gain access to features that are not yet available publicly — so we ask that you keep what you learn confidential.

How do I enroll?

Please email us here.

*We cannot accept all advisors into the program due to the resources it takes to participate, but please reach out if you are interested, and we will add you to our waiting list if there are no spaces available.