Our product vision

Paige Moult
Product Manager
December 11, 2020

The independent advisor world in Canada is not an integrated one — yet.

Integrated means the flow of data between sources, a uniform experience, and ultimately, a way to make everyone’s lives easier. Today’s Canadian financial services industry is siloed, and advisors and investors do not have an easy way to bring every piece of the puzzle together. What makes this even harder is that the industry itself is not yet a digital one, but we will be part of leading this evolution.

Imagine a marketplace where an advisor simply chooses the tools needed to run their business.

Think of how Shopify disrupted the retail industry by enabling business owners to market, sell, and track their products — all in an integrated, simple way. They mastered the “one-stop-shop” ecosystem for business owners by creating a platform where app developers could build an app and then plug into their software. Any business owner could then use that app on their platform. It’s as easy as clicking a button and paying a fee (if applicable) for a business owner to plug a new app in. Similar to how Apple reimagined the purpose of a cellphone. They took it to the next level by creating an App Store for quick integrations and plug-ins that went far beyond phone calls and text messages. Imagine that for financial advisors — financial planning, investments, insurance, will & estate planning, mortgages, communication, etc.

We will establish strategic and strong partnerships now for a better future.

Establishing partnerships is crucial to our vision. We work with several great partners today, and we will continue to add more. Our current partners include custodians, trading and portfolio management, CRM, financial planning, will creation tools, and group savings plans. We want to provide all the necessary ingredients to allow for a comprehensive relationship between an advisor and their client — strong partnerships will allow us to achieve this. This will allow us to move quickly and be that core meeting place for an advisor and client.

Our mission is to be a marketplace for advisors where they can choose and access the tools that empower their relationships with their clients.

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